Are you ready for a new training experience?

Voice of Health has changed the way you learn online. Our highly dynamic, practical and interactive Active Listener training equips you with the skills that ensure you provide the best possible support.

Our Active Listeners will be the first to have access to our brand new mobile app which will be released in the coming weeks.
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Are you ready for a new training experience?

Do you want to make a meaningful difference?

Do you want to help support others to improve their mental health?
Do you want to empower people with a sense of belonging?
Do you want to motivate others to regain their sense of self?
Do you want to inspire people to reach their goals?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these, then it’s time to join Voice of Health’s Active Listening team.
Start Making a Difference
Do you want to make a meaningful difference?

Our Goals

  • High Quality Active Listeners

    Our training program equips an Active Listener with the skills and ability to provide a superior level of peer-support.

  • Support Network

    We pride ourselves in helping those who are helping others. Through our integrated Active Listener network you are always supported.

  • Power of Empathy

    Voice of Health prides itself on placing empathy at the heart of its training, unlike many traditional support systems that undervalue the power of empathy and treat users as a number.

What Happens Next?

  • 1. Register and Successfully Complete the Active Listener Training Course

  • 2. Introduce yourself in the Active Listener Forum on the Voice of Health Website

  • 3. Participate in Weekly Challenges from our Active Listener Forum prior to app release

  • 4. Download the Voice of Health mobile app and complete your Active Listener Profile

  • 5. Begin engaging and supporting people online